Collaborative Doers for Humanity

CARTHA (doer in Sanskrit) cultivates Collaborative Doers for Humanity ("Carthans") who bridge technological and social innovations to advance glocal good. An acronym coined by our founder, CARTHA stands for Collaborative Arts in Research Translation for Human Advancement.

Carthans are scientists, physicians, filmmakers, artists, writers, and public citizens in our growing cross-sector networks of Collaborative Doers spanning 6 continents and 3 generations.  In these pages, you can read about us and how and why CARTHA was founded in 2006.  

What are your aspirations for humanity? and Why do you wish to affiliate with CARTHA? are the two questions which guide our selection of CARTHA Fellows who then get to hone their Collaborative Competence skillsets in our non-hierarchical Aspirations Exchanges.  

Focusing on Social Innovations, Diaspora Givers, and Healthfulness, CARTHA specializes in the design and launch of humanity-centered, intergenerational partnership models, curricular programs, and community dialogues ("Glocalizers"). Not guided by money or prestige concerns, we leverage the energies and talents of high-aspiration individuals:

  • To link academic research translation to human endeavors and community partnerships; and thereby,
  • To produce collaborative leadership development programs with Carthans to advance humanitarian endeavors.

Our C2G2 training model (described in our founder's 2009 paper) produces Glocalizers that are practical, flexible, and timely to advance Collaborative Literacy, Learning, and Doing across generations, regions, and sectors.

CARTHA, since inception, has been an enabler and co-sponsor of the India Winterim experiential learning courses for which our close collaborator and CARTHA Ambassador--University of Iowa Professor Raj Rajagopal--was recognized with a 2016 national award from the International Institute of Education. Through the Manodharma Program designed by Raj Rajagopal, CARTHA entered in 2014 a Book Distribution & Literacy partnership with FirstBook of Washington, DC.

Our founder is also an active Rotarian, serving as the 2016-17 President of the Iowa City Noon Rotary Club. She therefore teams up Carthans and Rotarians to advance numerous projects such as greater training, access, and community support networks for the non-surgical Ponseti Clubfoot Treatment Method (see also and collaborations with Rotarians as well as Rotaractors in many other locations, e.g., Rotaract of UN-New York CityRotaract of Iowa City AreaRotary Club of MadrasUniversity of Pittsburgh Rotaract.

To support and participate in our work or to partner with our 501(c)(3) nonprofit, please contact our founder Usha R. Balakrishnan.

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