Cultivating Collaborative Doers

CARTHA (meaning doer in Sanskrit) cultivates Collaborative Doers for Humanity who bridge technological and social innovations to advance glocal good.

2014-2019 Strategic Framework                

Carthans are scientists, physicians, filmmakers, artists, writers, and public citizens in our growing cross-sector networks of Collaborative Doers spanning 6 continents and 3 generations. We help design a variety of programs that we call Glocalizers to (i) link academic research translation to human endeavors and community partnerships; and thereby, (ii) produce new professional training curricula to achieve collaborative leadership development goals for greater success and impacts in humanitarian endeavors.

What are your aspirations for humanity? and Why do you wish to affiliate with CARTHA? are the two questions which guide our selection of CARTHA Fellows who hone Collaborative Competence skillsets in a non-hierarchical Aspirations Exchange based on our C2G2 training model (described in our founder's 2009 paper).

Are you looking to "glocalize" yourself while contributing to glocal good? If so, please contact us to learn about how you can participate in a few of our programs and partnership models aimed at Collaborative Learning (Winterim India experiential courses; Rotary partnership/Rotaract of Iowa City Area); Collaborative Literacy (The Derek Project); and Collaborative Doing (55-year programming vision for Leprosy Elimination).


February 20: Rotaract of Iowa City Area (RICA) Charter Celebration Event. RICA meetings are held each week and details are available here.

April 21, 2014: Saree Conversations program designed by Harriet Vidyasagar, CARTHA Council of Advisor, and Founder,

To support and participate in our work or to partner with our 501(c)(3) nonprofit, please contact our founder Usha R. Balakrishnan.

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