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We imagine and construct niches of interdisciplinary dialogs in immersive, action-oriented settings.

We have included below a selection of CARTHA Founder Usha R. Balakrishnan’s Presentations, Speaking Engagements, Publications, and Workshops.


  • Panelist at a session on newer US immigrants (with audience being 16 college-exchange students from Denmark) at Kirkwood Community College, Iowa City (September)
  • CARTHA-Rotary partnership events organized with visiting Rotarian Guna Sadasivam and his wife Paddhu as part of the Sister Affiliation Agreement between the Iowa City Noon Rotary Club and the Rotary Club of Madras (August)
  • Panelist at a session on community linkages for undergraduate and graduate students to design and pursue cutting-edge research projects locally and globally; Panel organized by SROP (Summer Research Opportunity Programs) for students of color, University of Iowa (June)
  • CARTHA events organized for visiting collaborator Harriet Vidyasagar and co-sponsored event "Saree Conversations" with anthropologist Professor Meena Khandelwal the University of Iowa's South Asian Studies Program (April)
  • Singing Lecture on South Indian Cultures of Singing: Lullabies and Nilambari Raga, at ethnomusicologist Trevor Harvey's class, University of Iowa (February)
  • Presentation to mark World Leprosy Day and what kind of future could be envisioned for Leprosy Elimination, at Iowa City Noon Rotary Club (January)


  • Singing Lecture titled "What KRISHNA means to me" at South Asian Studies/Hindi Professor Philip Lutgendorf's class, University of Iowa (October)
  • CARTHA and Rotary partnership to launch new community-based Rotaract Club of Iowa City Area (September)
  • Programs of CARTHA, a presentation to the Multicultural Business Students Association at the University of Iowa (March)




  • Publication: “Carrots and Sticks”-- Making the Case for Executive Compensation Audits: Moving from Risk Management to Rewards Management, by Sri Ramamoorti and Usha R. Balakrishnan, Internal Auditor (Risk Watch Section, Pg. 61-63), October 2010
  • Singing Lecture at UN Day of Older Persons event, Johnson County Senior Center, September
  • Interview with academics (Mark Sidel, Meena Khandelwal, Erica Bornstein) exploring CARTHA as a novel case study on South Asian diaspora philanthropy, Iowa City, August
  • Chair, 7th annual meeting of Technology Managers for Global Health, New Orleans, March
  • Interviewed about CARTHA on UI radio show WorldCanvass hosted by Joan Kjaer, February


  • Seminar (on post-tsunami water, sanitation, housing issues), with CARTHA Fellow/Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar Luke Juran at Indian Inst of Technology-Madras, Chennai, India, May
  • Singing Lecture, Tales & Traditions of My Singing to Krishna, at UI class offered by Philip Lutgendorf in South Asian Studies course on “Indian Literature in Translation,” April
  • Speaker, Collaborative Doer Networks, at World Health Organization’s “South-South” (Latin America, Africa, Asia) Tropical Diseases Research Mtg, Bellagio, Italy, February
  • Organizer & Chair, Thirsting for Daily Sustenance: Public-Private Partnerships for Global Water-Access, panel at AAAS 2009 Annual Meeting, Chicago, February
  • Chair, 6th annual meeting of Technology Managers for Global Health, Orlando, February


  • Co-planner, First Workshop on Health Technology Innovation funded/sponsored by Brazilian Health Ministry; & Speaker, Tech Transfer & Collaborative Doers, Recife, Brazil, November
  • Keynote Speaker, CARTHA: Global Entrepreneurship with Iowa Roots, Iowa City Foreign Relations Council’s Luncheon Meeting (Broadcast/re-runs on UI-Radio and TV), April
  • Seminar Speaker, Collaborative Doers Going Glocal: Promoting Innovations for Positive Social Change, Society for International S&T Policy, George Washington University, April
  • Speaker, Collaborative Doers in Global Health Technology Transfer Partnerships, Global Health Studies Program annual conference, UI, Iowa City, April
  • Chair, 5th annual meeting of Technology Managers for Global Health, San Diego, February
  • Speaker, inaugural “Women in Academic Licensing” forum, New York Univ., February
  • Organizer & Chair, Humanity at the Nexus: Academic Partnerships and Entrepreneurship in Science and Global Health, at AAAS 2008 Annual Meeting, Boston, February


  • Speaker, The CARTHA Story, Business Ethics Conference, DePaul Univ., Chicago, November
  • Speaker, Academic-Practitioner Partnerships to Advance Global Health Causes, and moderator of panel at Universal Forum of Cultures, Monterrey, Mexico, October
  • Speaker (w/ Spanish translator), Rotary Club of Obispado, Monterrey, Mexico, October
  • Chair, 4th annual meeting of Technology Managers for Global Health, San Francisco, March
  • Speaker, Academic Innovations and Global Health Impacts, New curriculum/course on pharmaceuticals mgmt for underserved populations, UI College of Pharmacy, February


  • Chair, Technology Transfer: Making a Local and Global Difference, Annual Conference of the Alliance for Commercialization of Canadian Technology, Ottawa, Canada, November
  • Contrasting inhabitants of distinct cultures: Towards an academic-practitioner dialogue for real world problem-solving & decision-making, paper co-authored with Sri Ramamoorti and presented at the Virtual Global Forum, Case Western University, October 2006.
  • Surveying the need for “Technology Management for Global Health” training programs, by Usha R. Balakrishnan, Lisa Troyer, and Edwin Brands, Journal of the Association of University Technology Managers, (2006) 18 (2): 53-68. Reprinted in Industry & Higher Education (2007).
  • Speaker, Creativity in Academic Technology Licensing, Seminar on Advancing Vaccines: Innovations in IP Practice, Brooklyn Law School, New York, October
  • Speaker in a course on Biomedical Business Development & International Strategic Partnering, National Institutes of Health-Office of Tech Transfer, Washington DC, October
  • Luncheon Keynote Speaker, Global Health Technology Mgmt, Iowa City Noon Rotary, July
  • Organizer & Chair, New Technologies: The Role of the Private Sector, Global Health Council annual conference, Washington DC, June
  • Speaker, Challenges & Potential Solutions for Global Health Technology Transfer, Centers for Disease Control-CDC & Biosouth Technology Forum, Atlanta, March
  • Chair, 3rd annual mtg of Technology Managers for Global Health, Orlando, March
  • Co-planner, The Culture of Innovation in Science & Technology in India symposium & Speaker, Academic Tech. Managers as “Cultural Translators,” Hyderabad, India, January


  • Speaker, TMGH-MIHR Collaboration: Mobilizing IP managers, Promoting Global Health Equity, 2005 Gordon Research Conference, Queens College, Oxford, UK, September
  • Organizer & Chair, Innovative Approaches in Technology Transfer for Global Health, Biotechnology Industry Organization 2005 Annual Convention, Philadelphia, June
  • Speaker, A Journey of Discoveries, Program at Rockefeller Foundation, New York, May
  • Speaker, University IP, Licensing and Interdisciplinarity: Weaving Global Health Equity into an Evolving Managerial “Craft” for Public Good, at seminar of the UIowa Project on the Rhetoric of Inquiry & UI Law School, February
  • Organizer & Chair, Strategies: Seeking Financial Support for Diversity Initiatives, UIowa, February
  • Chair, 2nd annual mtg of Technology Managers for Global Health, Phoenix, February
  • Organizer & Chair, Mission Creep or Good Neighbors: Strategic Boundaries for University-Industry-Government-Nonprofit Interface Functions, AUTM, Phoenix, February


  • Organizer, Perspectives on the Impact of Science on Global Health and Humanitarianism, with 2004 World Food Prize winner (Monty Jones, Ghana), UI College of Medicine, October
  • Speaker, Health Product Development Partnerships: A US University Perspective, Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi, India, July
  • Chair, 1st annual mtg and founding of Technology Managers for Global Health, San Antonio, March


  • Panelist (Life Sciences), US-India High Tech Cooperation Mtg, Bangalore, India, November
  • Speaker, Univ. Roles in Economic Development, Univ. of Hyderabad-Academic Deans’ Mtg, November
  • Organizer & Chair, Panel on Drug Discovery Partnerships, AUTM Annual Meeting, Orlando, March
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